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License check failure prevents alarms from working

Hector Martin (marcan) 7 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Lead Developer) 5 lat temu 9
I've been using XiiaLive as my alarm clock, which is usually quite reliable. Today, though, it didn't work, and I found out that XiiaLive was complaining that the license check failed.

I understand that Google Play license checks may rarely malfunction, but would it be possible to at least allow basic alarm functionality to work even if it does? Perhaps just fall back to the default alarm ringtone in that case, just as it would if stream playback fails. Having the alarm fail to work due to a licensing check is quite frustrating, and I don't want to have to set up a back-up alarm in another app and deal with disabling it every time just to work around this potential failure mode.

I've been using XiiaLive for over a year now, and I've only had it fail to wake me up twice; the other time there was no audio output, but that may have been a device snafu (a reboot cleared it up).

Hey the mentioned issue should be resolved. If for some reason you are still having issues please let us know.

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Is it posible to disable repeat at the end of the playlist

Remco Brenninkmeijer 10 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Lead Developer) 10 lat temu 3
Yes, at last a player which can handle streaming m3u and pls playlists from Ampache! (on samsung galaxy 10.1) I have been searching for almost a full day for this. I am pretty sure if you mention ampache and gnump3d playback in the features it will trigger some sales.
Back to the question, is it possible to disable the autorepeat at the end of the playlist? I like to hear different cd's and the repeat makes it difficult to switch at the end of the cd.
Jona (Lead Developer) 10 lat temu
We are working on a new release than provides better control over the playlist.
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I can't find or add my own station?

Anonim 11 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Lead Developer) 10 lat temu 2
I can't find the station using free version. I try copy link and is not working? What should I do?
Jona (Lead Developer) 11 lat temu
Could you provide the link you are trying to add to your favorites? Is the station you are trying to search available on the SHOUTcast directory? What is the station you are trying to find?
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android 4.2 lockscreen controls

Steve Lobato 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Lead Developer) 9 lat temu 2

Lock screen controls...one of my favorite features! i seem to be having a problem with it though. ..

Live pro 3.01

nexus 4 with stock 4.2


Playing xiia live and go to lock screen it works fine. 

Stop xiia and  do some other tasks, and start xiiia to play again, go to lock screen...controls are gone. 

now i have a feeling this might be a result of playing google music (the streaming app) in between. It seems like android might lose focus of the lock screen control from competing with the google music lock screen controls.  

the only way to get the lock screen controls to return is by rebooting the phone. 

I m sure this is an android os issue but i figured i would put it out there for possible repair


This is an OS bug. However I'll still look over it and try to better understand the issue.


http auth streams - saving of login credentials

Matt D 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Rajil 7 lat temu 6

Xiialive is the ONLY streaming app that supports http auth streams - love it.

However, can you please add the option to save user/pass.  Having to re-type the credentials is very annoying. Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback! :) Xiia does support saving... 

Try editing your favorite station that requires auth.  There you can set the user/pass.  That should do it!

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The restore function doesn't work!

Alexander Kopchev 10 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Tim M 10 lat temu 0
Hello I backuped the .dat file to my email, and formated my SD and internal memory. I installed XIIALIVE again and downloaded the dat file to my SD card. Then I tried to restore my favourites and the program says OK, but doesn't restore them! What to do?
Tim M 10 lat temu
Please make sure the file is still a .dat file (dbliveBk.dat). I reproduced your issues and found out that when you download the file from your email, it downloads it as a .pac file (dliveBk.pac). Just rename the file back to "dliveBk.dat" and make sure its on the root (/sdcard/dliveBk.dat) of your sd card.
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Cannot install 2.2.4 under Android 1.6

svgt 10 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Lead Developer) 10 lat temu 7
I try to install the current version under Android 1.6. The message is: XiiaLive could not be installed  on this device. The device is HP Compaq Airlife 100. With the old version 2.1.0 installation is successful.
Jona (Lead Developer) 10 lat temu
Bad installation file used from the internet.  Original release version is required.
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M3U list playback problems

Orion 9 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Lead Developer) 9 lat temu 0

I have just noted a problem - potential bug with M3U playlist.

I try to use M3U list with two stream links and one local MP3 file, expecting when two streams fail to play it will in shortest time fallback to local MP3 file.

Now, the issue seems to be that it works that way ONLY IF I am in a "playlist view", but not when in normal "current station view" - then it stucks on this one. If you need any other info to reproduce it - be free to contact me!



Could you post the m3u playlist here? I'ts ok if I don't have the local mp3 file.  I just want to see the playlist formating.  I don't think we have really tested much playing local files. However I do want to fix that.

What is the issue you see when you play your playlist? It just stops trying to play?  I assume using the playlist view works because you click on the item you want to play and it plays fine?

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I did the most recent updste and lost alot of my channels

dottiew 11 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Tim M 11 lat temu 0
I have the paid version and alot of my channel. Options are gone!!!!!
Tim M 11 lat temu

The settings page was change a bit but all the options are still there (plus some new ones). 

About the stations, they shouldn't have changed because of the update. Sometimes stations take their streams down temporarily for maintenance and are back up in a few hours or sometimes days. Also, they can be taken down permanently do to piracy. 

Another problem might be that they changed their url so playing it from your favorites might not work. In this case, deleting it and adding it back to your favorites will fix it. 

If you updated from the lite to the paid, doing a backup on the lite version and then a restore on the paid version will get all of your favorites and tagged songs updated to the paid version. You can do this by going to the 'settings' and then 'advanced users'.

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Integer.MAX_VALUE error in headset interceptor

Alex Bergsland 10 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Lead Developer) 10 lat temu 3
I get an error in Headset Interceptor.
It states that I should ask you not to use Integer.MAX_VALUE as media button priority.

Is there any way of fixing this?
Jona (Lead Developer) 10 lat temu

Indeed XiiaLive had the priority set as Integer.MAX_VALUE.  We have changed this value to be a lot lower and will be part of the next release of XiiaLive v2.2.4.