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Giancarlo 11 hours ago 0
When on a station, do you plan on making the icon/image of the station become visible?...crrently this is not shown and makes the iterface a little dull compared with the other offerings on the market
Emre Burhan 2 weeks ago • updated 2 days ago 4
I have many stations registered as favorites and sometimes it's useful to do a full sweep to remove stations that are broken from favorites. The button to remove from favorites is not activated until the station starts playing and the whole sweep can take forever..
It would be great if the button activates as soon as the station is changed.
Official answer
Jona 5 days ago
Ah! Video perfectly made sense! Thanks for making the video.

Ok, so this is technically not a bug it is just how things are processed internally. The main issue is caused by a delay to trigger playback for the next station. It is actually related to the other post you had here:

So removing this delay the issue should be gone. Also, this delay shouldn't be applied to the player's prev/next buttons, only to Bluetooth devices.

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