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posted by Josh Landry, updated 2 weeks ago , 10
I have a Galaxy S4 Active and it's not getting the tag info from my home server.
Any other place or computer I go to has it, it's only this app that's not getting the info.
posted by Mdfroz, 3 weeks ago , 0
I am using XiiaLive Pro on a Garmin Monterra Android powered GPS. The local station feature doesn't work at all because the Monterra does not have a Phone/3G/4G capability, and therefore cannot use phone towers information for approximate location (it can connect to internet via WiFi only). It would be very helpful if XiiaLive could get the option back to use GPS as a location method.Maybe this could be implemented as an option available in the settings, that could be disabled for those who need. Thank you!
posted by Jediguy, updated 3 weeks ago , 2
Hello everyone.  I was a huge fan of XiiaLive on android, however early this year I made the jump to iOS.  I was thrilled to see that XiiaLive recently launched on iOS, however I am having some trouble getting my stations into the app.  Many of the stations that I listen to are not in XiiaLive's directory so they need to be imported via the broadcaster's website.  Entering all of the station URLs manually would take ages.  Imported stations usually take the form of a playlist file (pls or m3u).  Importing was usually quick and easy on the android version of XiiaLive but I haven't found a way to do this on the iOS version.  Is there a way to do this?  If not, is there a solution in the pipeline?
Official answer
Hey! Currently XiiaLive on iOS is in a Beta state. However, we are working really hard to release a new update in the next week or two. As you have noticed there is no easy way to bring your old favorites into the iOS app. I'll be working on that feature after our next update is released. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
Official reply posted by Jona Head Developer , 1 month ago

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