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Solo9999 2 years ago • updated by Jona 1 week ago 5

Samsung Galaxy Nexus running ICS 4.0.4, Verizon.

I noticed that if you start streaming on 1X, the phone never switches to 3G/4G. Or if you start streaming on 3G, it would never switch to 4G. However, if the speed goes down a level , it will drop for let's sat 4G to 3G. I don't have this problem when the app is not streaming. It seems to get stuck on the speed the stream was started and it won't let the phone go up a level even though coverage is available.

Official answer
Jona 1 week ago
We have done a lot of testing and research. The main issue seems to be with Android OS radio drivers. This is something we are unable to resolve on our side. Newer versions of Android seem to have improved in regards to this issue.
Michael Pujos 2 years ago • updated by Jona 1 week ago 2
When the ffmpeg is the active engine, logcat is spammed with repetitive traces:

01-05 01:35:24.700: I/JniPlayer(2588): receive_thread() -> sleep cuz queues are full

I advise to remove this trace cuz it may slow down the device :).

-sandro- 3 years ago • updated by Jona 1 week ago 18

I'm using the free version 2.2.4 and I'm experiencing problems with OGG streams.
I listen to this stream http://listen.tbrn.net:8888/tbrn.ogg.m3u, it's an independent station that usually streams shows from archives. The problems is that everytime a new show starts the audio decoding becomes full of errors with hisses and robotic/alien sound (like when you get a bad signal from digital tv) , solution is to stop and restart the stream.
Two are the things that could cause the problem:
- since the bitrate seems variable when there's a change of show from their part in the 1sec pause the bitrate drops to near 0 and then back to normal and the decoder could  have problems with this (unlikely since there could be silent parts in every show)
- the most reasonable one is that this happens everytime a description of the stream changes since its concurrent with a beginning of a new show/program.

Thank you

Official answer
Jona 1 week ago
I have tested the reported streams with the latest version of XiiaLive v3.2.0.8 and everything seems to be working fine. If anyone still having issues please let me know. For now I'll be closing this post as fixed.

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