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posted by Maxine Kraska , 2 days ago , 0
Why can't i search radio stations 
posted by Anonymous , updated 3 days ago , 30
I was wondering what's the maximum buffer size on XiiaLive. It says you can increase it in the "pro" version, but I'm wondering what's the maximum size for it. Can i make it 10 minutes? Cool feature would be to be able to schedule start time (for example start buffering 10 minutes on workdays at 7am or similar, so when you drive to work, you won't have any buffering during whole trip).
Official answer

The current maximum buffer size is 10 seconds for devices running Android 2.2 and 30 seconds older Android versions. Yes, its definitely not big enough! :( So, we do have plans to make it bigger maybe up to 60 seconds. Besides that, we actually are thinking of some new idea, that I can't disclose now, that will most certainly resolve your issues... :)

Update 05/13/11:

XiiaLive v2.1.8 now supports a larger buffer! :)

Official reply posted by Jona Head Developer , 3 years ago
posted by Vincent Lo , 4 days ago , 0

Song titles on IDv3 remain stuck on the display even after you switch to another station (which doesn't support IDv3).

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