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Emre Burhan 2 weeks ago • updated by Jona 2 days ago 3

Currently the notification sound is delayed for 2-3 seconds when skipping to the next track. If not looking at the screen, it's easy for user to think that the press was not registered. 

I believe the notification sound in this case notifies of starting to download data but it would be nice if if it is played as soon as the button is pressed for an immediate feedback to avoid confusion. This is especially important while driving or using a headset and not looking at the screen.

Official answer
Jona 1 week ago
The notification sounds are triggered based on the returned playback state from the stream engine.

Skipping to the next track we have a set delay before we actually trigger to play it. We added this delay to be able to see the next station name before it is played. This is useful for car stereos for example. It kinda let's you surf the tracks without changing the station.

I will set this request as planned since I'm thinking to add an option to turn off or change the delay time.

Hope this answers your question. :)
Joachim Weis 5 days ago • updated by Jona 2 days ago 2
my device is a HTC One M8 with Cynigenmod.
The latest update of Xiia live pro confronts me with the following bug:
My favourite station is BBC London 94.9 with the following URL: http://bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/bbclondon.asx
From about DEC 10th (last update) on, Xiia plays this station (and strangely enough: ONLY this station) with WLAN connection only. All the other stations can be listened to normally.
Is this a bug you can confirm?

Greetings from Germany
Joachim Weis
Official answer
Jona 2 days ago
Hey, thanks for letting us know you resolved the issue. I just tried the URL you provided and it worked fine for me via WLAN and cell network. :)
Ronald Ouellette 3 days ago 0
Can you make the widget scroll like the main screen? Classical pieces are showing name of piece and leaving out the more important info for many of us--the composer.

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