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Answering calls while streaming

Adam_Wozniak il y a 6 ans mis à jour par Ralph il y a 6 ans 1
Hi, I have been consistently experiencing problems with different releases of XiiaLive Pro (currently using v3.3). Whenever I listen to a radio stream and somebody calls me, I get the stream pause as expected, but I cannot hear anything at all. I am told that they other party can hear me all-right. This happens in 100% of cases. I am using HTC Desire SV (Android 4.0). Please note, that this is similar to a previously reported bug: http://support.xiialive.com/topic/535344-lg-enact-phone-call-audio-stops-working-after-playing-over-bluetooth/, but has not been solved for me by newer releases of the App.
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we do apologize for our late response. Can we please try and download the latest version and let us know if you'll still experience this issues. Thank you!