Quit button?

H MAN 10 year бұрын updated by Tim M 10 year бұрын 1
Hello there,
Am I completely blind, or is there no "quit" button to shutdown the program completely?

If there is, where is it?
If there isnt, can you add one please?

I'd trust your XiiaLive Pro program far more if I could quit it when I'm done using it.

Thanks :)



No you're not blind :)

Please take a look at this post:



Good, I'm glad I didnt miss the button...lol

It might be a nice thing to add a quit button sometime though as some of us completely paranoid people would feel more comfortable if we could easily take the entire program out of memory.

However, I do understand now how android handles programs in memory so I do understand your points in the other thread ;)