Buffer ist lost when Wifi goes off

lenlennart 6 лет назад обновлен 6 лет назад 1

i really like your app and just got the Pro version. However, i do have a problem:
I have the player set to Wifi only.
Everything works fine as long as i am in my wifi network - a buffer is created, i can pause/play and fast forward later on.

But as soon as my wifi connection ist lost, the buffer is purged.
So lets say i am in a 10 mintes timeshift and my wifi drops, the other 10 minutes are lost.
There is no way to listen to them.

Is this a bug?

Thank you

PS: Android 5.0.2, XiiaLive Pro
Expected behaviour: When set to Wifi only and wifi goes down, no additional radio is "recorded" to the buffer.
But the already exisiting buffer can be listened to.

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