Connection problems with Xperia X10/android 2.1

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I have a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and just updated it to android 2.1. Now when I connect to a channel, it buff, plays for about 8-10sec, cut, buff again, plays for 8-10sec, etc... I tried it at different locations, and with different channels. I've also uninstalled/installed the app... Nothing...
Any Ideas ?

(Oh and by the way, your app is really great! Hope you can answer quickly to this problem)



Issue resolved after update v2.1.6.

First, I think you can remove the following topic about this bug, it's mine... (Sorry I thought my request didn't work... ^^ )

So then, I will give you every info I've gathered:
- The 2.1 upgrade is an official one. Update avalable in paris/France
- This problem only concerns 1/4 or 1/5 of the channels. (Don't worry, many others still work... But not really the one I listen to). BUT I've been unable to find a similarity between the not working ones. I've tested different (about 50) bitrates, formats (mpeg/AAC) , genres, I didn't really find a clue...
- This problem only happens when receiving data with 3G/HSDPA. With WIFI everything works fine.
- Last thing I can say is that everything was working fine before this update...

If needed I can also give you a few examples of non working channels... Tell me if this can help...

Thanks for your time... (and sorry if my english is not perfect ^^ )
Sorry for the late response.  Are you still having issues with the latest version of XiiaLive v2.1.7?
The problem was solved with the previous update (2.1.6) BUT just after updating to 2.1.7, I had once again trouble listening to my favorites. 
Fortunately a simple reboot of my phone solved the problem! It's working fine now. Thanks