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Is it possible to get older pro until new version comes out? I already purchased Pro

YES! I'd love more options, but at this point, I'll take it! ( Works)

Ok, tried 3.03 (Version that worked on Bionic) - It doesn't display tags on Note 3   :-(

Yes, running 4.3. Apparently other people are having samsung tag issues with other apps. My other apps work fine.  Where can I obtain earlier version to test?  Also, if it works normal with earlier version, how will this affect updates in the future?

I just tried a couple more tests... Both Stock Music Player and Pandora display tags through vehicle. As of now, Xiia is the only player that does not.

BTW, I am able to change stations remotely through vehicle and listen, but that is it

I tried a dozen changes. Lock Screen Controls is on. How do I check device music player Bluetooth metadata works with my car stereo? The Samsung Note 3 is the newest device on the market, shouldn't it work better than the Droid Bionic? There are no settings on my Chevy Equinox that can be changed for Bluetooth.