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If one loads a playlist from Favourites or from History, the pls is being redownloaded and parsed.

However, if playback is stopped and resumed at a later time then the already-loaded stream is used.

I appreciate that this may be reasonable behaviour, after all expiring streams are pretty niche.

My setup is just like Sean's. I now use Llama to control playback via a bookmark when bluetooth is connected, this works around the problem.

Hi Mik,

It's still buggy, Jona is working on this currently, take a look at this thread, that issue is fundamentally the same:

Hi Jona,
The playlist caching option sounds perfect to me, I mostly use Xiaalive in the car using the bluetooth AutoStart function, so this would be a huge help with that.

Hope this is not to difficult to code up :)


Hi Jona, I've given the beta a try, unfortunately the problem still occurs but the message displayed is different, it now says "Http 403 [Forbidden]".

Also, the same problem occurs whether I use a shortcut or a favourite, so it's the same problem as I found at the start of this thread, the playlist is being cached.

Hi Jona,

I've now upgraded to XiiaLive pro so that I can use shortcuts, and it seems like the problem is still there when shortcuts are used.

When I click the shortcut  a few hours after the last playback, Xiialive will start but I will get a message "Unexpected Stop".

Looking in the debug log I see this:
03-14 14:45:53.567 W/ffmpeg_log(21624): HTTP error 403 Forbidden
03-14 14:45:53.567 E/JniPlayer(21624): receive_thread() -> File:'', Error:-5
03-14 14:45:53.567 I/JniPlayer(21624): receive_thread() -> cleaning up after failure
03-14 14:45:53.567 I/JniPlayer(21624): receive_thread() -> starting clean_up!

Jona, is this fix in the Feb 6th release? Just tried it and it didn't seem to be.....
The cause of this issue is that Xiialive is persistently caching the contents of the pls file between each consecutive playback.

For all the BBC 128kbps streams listed above, the URLs in the pls file contains a token that changes every hour (approx). Trying to playback a stream with a stale token results in a 403 error.

The only way I've found to get Xiialive to re-download the pls file in between plays is to play some other station briefly and then play the required station again.

Would it be possible to add a setting toggle to Xiialive to force the pls file to be redownloaded between each playback?

Oh, also, I tried Jona's suggestions of removing the stream URLs from the favorite but it made no difference, Xiialive still caches the URLs from the last successfull playback attempt.

OK, I'm pretty sure this is the same issue:

In fact, that post describes exactly the issue I am seeing, I just wrote it up in a more generic way.