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I found the new version on Google Play and installed it. Now the app is working perfectly for me once again AND the pause control works!! Many thanks for fixing this so quickly.
That's terrific news! Thank you so much. I will watch out for the update appearing in Google Play and I am really looking forward to being able to use your excellent app once again. I'll let you know when I'm successfully up and running again.
Many thanks for your very fast response. In answer to your question then I'm sorry but my local network is firewalled off by my IP provider.

Perhaps the following information would make it possible to progress this problem?

1) I record radio programmes which are broadcast by terrestrial digital stations in the UK (Freeview). My PVR is a Humax HDR-FOX T2 which can record TV and radio channels and stations in an encrypted format.

2) I listen to the programmes using my Samsung Media Phone accessing the PVR via the local network. The 'phone is running Android 2.3.

3) The PVR decrypts and streams out the recorded radio programmes over the LAN via the Humax HDR-FOX media server, a DNLA compliant software. As mentioned above, the LAN is not accessible from the general internet; thus I cannot provide you with a url.

4) The media content of the files stored on the PVR is mp2 (audio only). It is multiplexed into an MPEG transport stream and the file is stored on the Humax with a "ts" extension, example: "test.ts".

5) I use MediaHouse on my Phone to connect to the Humax media server. It seems that MediaHouse does not have the capability to render mp2 and instead offers various external renderer applications, including Xiialive and Xiialive Pro, to provide that function. Until yesterday I was able to click on Xiialive Pro and the application would load and render without problem.

6) Yesterday I was offered an upgrade to Xiialive (version and Xiialive Pro (previous version unknown, possibly also by Google Play. I read the "What's new" section for Xiialive Pro and to my delight saw that pause/seek was now enabled for all audio formats - something that I had previously been badly missing. So I downloaded and installed the latest version of Pro.

7) Xiialive Pro v3.2.0.4 no longer renders my radio recorded files! Instead I get the "Unsupported Media E:-31" error report! I kept v3.0.3.3 of Xiialive and that still renders the same stream perfectly but only for 20 minutes.

8) I've copied a short decrypted test file test.ts onto my 'phone but I can't find any way to play it from a local file using Xiialive Pro or Xiialive.

** Is this possible? **

If it is I could test the file on the 'phone here to see if Xiialive and Xiialive Pro perform in the same way when rendering a local file. If they do then I could copy the test file to you for your investigation if that would be helpful.

I have used avconv to strip out the audio stream to a file "test.mp2" and the same applies, including the fact that I cannot find a way to play it as a local file.

9) Can I reinstall version of the Pro app please? I could happily put up with a non-working pause control while you investigater further.

** How would I do that? **

Thanks again for your help.

I've been using the previous version of Xiialive Pro with great success to stream my audio files recorded in the MPEG Transport Stream Container (*.ts) format from my Humax PVR. I downloaded the latest version of Xiaalive Pro and now I get Error Message E:-31 - unsupported media. Disaster! Is it possible for me to revert to previous versions please?

I'm using a Samsung media phone running Android V2.3. The *.ts format is the standard recording format for Freeview (UK terrestrial digital) radio stations on the Humax HDR T2 PVR hard disk and the PVR's DLNA software streams it out directly without format change. As mentioned, prior to the upgrade, Xiaalive Pro (and Xiaalive) rendered the stream perfectly.

Thanks in advance for your help.