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Guys, doesn't look like its going to happen. Fortunately there are a LOT of options and growing everyday by developers that understand what it means to bake in this functionality. What I hate is that I would willingly pay a premium to have Xiia with chromecast support. Lost opportunity i guess.

I just laid down $10 for the tunein app with chromecast support. It's not as good but it fits into my lifestyle. If there is any reason to consider ramping up dev you should.  We will PAY you for this.  In the meantime I am jumping ship.  Sorry! Let me know when you get caught up!
AWESOME! More than happy to help with any Betas...I use Chromecast constantly in my home office and know a good app when I see one. (Please do not base anything off Pandora, terrible!) Google Music Obviously does a nice job but also check out Avia, BeyondPod and Comedy Central for good UX.
I know you are busy but getting left behind...look at the latest crop of music apps for chromecast
Music Apps on Chromecast

Love the product and know many others that would too...lots of visibility right now 
4 months since planned status any updates? How is it going? Need testers?
Excellent! Would be my #1 audio for Chromecast. Thanks for working on this.