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2min prebuffer didn't helped as you mentioned earlier.

but it helped. now I have question: why stream recording time is 1min, 5min not 2/3/4min anymore?

this recordind option has been solved this issue when network coverage is couple of mins down (ex.tunnel)

no problems.

but when hurry, this 5 min is too long time to wait. I mean when playing the station and pausing and waiting 5min before playing

can you get what I'm chasing?
will triggering cause jumping in playback? if not, I'm in

also I have question: how difficult would be scheduled recording?

I have now used saved live station and has been worked awesome.

only problem is that waiting time

so if I know when I'm going to use live station , I just could schedule and its automatic/manually start playing.
can you now approx release date?
question can buffer value increase , I'm not meaning pre-buffer
or do I need to just use saved station?
my poiint is that if buffer value ex.max.5min, it will do same as saved live station but then no need to wait like 5min because it will buffered
summarum: buffer handles same as saved live (requires pausing for x time) but no need to wait unless low connection
can you see my view?
how to get example 1min saving and automatic playback when its full? or how to see when storage is full and ready and can start playback?

is it possible to make feature option if not already exits?

that's what I have thinking too for solution but if you can, 120sec is fine

60minutes saving live radio is a lot and guaranteed no drops

and any methods are welcome

Hello again, did you had time to test it? any result?
ok. well I can be beta tester if you want me to test it how it works before official release