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so can you change it?

understood totally but I'm still willing to have this request:)

so if you can development this, I'll would be grateful

unfortenately I don't have coding skills to do by self from open source but if you code package, it would be nice

please let me know
driving and if there is like 2 minute coverage, I don't like interrupting live radio

thats why 5min pre-buffer could solve this problem. Of course its taking lots of space but if it adjustable like now then it will be every user own decision whether use maximum value or smaller (1minute)

can you understand my point?:)
can you do improvement option?
thanks for quick reply.
can you guide which settings should use if there is 2min network loss and I don't want any hangups
so what need to set that music playback continues between network loose and continues streaming right away connection was established.
I'm sorry, cannot quite understand terms:)
could pre-buffer value increased maximum 5 min?
if streaming cache is like 5min, will it need to other (buffer/pre-buffer also increased to max.60sec)?
will streaming cache 5min guarantee that there will be no interrupt under 5min?
downgraded version and works fine that station