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Thanks for the info @ale aa. But it's $5 and some commenters say it doesn't even work with Chromecast anymore. Not an acceptable solution imo. Regardless, I appreciate the info.

Then please enlighten us professor. But please don't waste our time with info about how to mirror our screens because that's not what anyone wants or cares about.

@DougMcMahon stop taking nonsense. Xiia doesn't "cast"at all. It's pretty much the only major player that doesn't. I have no idea what the devs are doing but the failure to provide such a widely requested feature FOR YEARS now is inexcusable.

Tunein Radio has had this capability for years now.

Just to update this, I've managed somehow to add four different custom URLs. What seems to be happening is that adding custom URLs replaces existing favorites with similar names (e.g., "Classic 2" replaces "Classic 1," etc.). This is just a guess, though, based on which custom URLs now show up in favorites.

Also, to clarify, this is just custom URLs. I have no problem adding favorites from the directory.