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Thank you!

I'd rather have an option to just close the app completely though - then it'd come on when I get in the car, and disappear when I get out.

Thanks again - superb app, far better at actual streaming than the competition!

No - it doesn't work like that.

It does stop playback when the BT disconnects with this options. However I can't swipe the notification off (it's persistent) until I press stop again, which makes me suspect it's still going.

If I leave it for a few hours then press play from this persistent notification then I can't reconnect to the BBC stream, due to them invalidating the URL you originally fetched from the playlist.

So what I really need is a *full* stop on BT disconnect, which closed the app totally, or for the app to refetch the URL from the playlist if a given amount of time has passed since playback was paused/stopped.


Hi - I think this bug isn't completely fixed.

I use Xiia in the car with a bluetooth headset - it's set to play automatically on connection with the headset, and stop when I leave.

If I listen to a BBC station in the morning, go to work, then get back in the car in the evening I get this problem. It's fixed by changing to another station then back, or force closing the app.

I *think* what's happening is the bluetooth stop event is essentially a pause, so when I get back in the car Xiia doesn't automatically reget the .pls and just uses the cached version, which is now out of date.

A fix for this would be perfect - i've ditched Tunein for this app and it's like night and day.