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I downloaded shareit app to copy over apps to 2nd phone. Why didn't that allow all the favorites, history, and songs to transfer over. All it did was copy the app but no content. How do I copy over the favorites, history, and songs to a 2nd phone?

I think I see what the problem is. I had regular version installed and then later installed pro version. I opened a stream just recently and I see for some reason it opened in the regular version instead of the pro version. I forgot I had the regular version on phone too. I have to delete the regular version from my apps which I have to check how to do. I'm not too tech savvy. 
What is going on? 
I got paid version today and my favorites disappear and I have begun seeing ads? ? 
I just upgraded to paid version. I noticed that I was able to transfer (export) favorites, but my listening history did not export. What caused that? How can it be fixed? Not a huge deal, but a little annoying. Thought listening history was part of of the import/export of the app including all the features/settings/ listening history. 

I like this idea a lot too. I was thinking of it for a while and wondered to who I could write to make this suggestion known! 

I look forward to be able to create my own folder favorite names.  The reason being is that some broadcasters don't list their stream under correct genre or I prefer to have a certain stream under a different genre than is listed in shout cast or if I add a url stream it won't appear under "other" or "unknown".. as I could move it to the folder I think is best fit based on the name I give the folder. 

Having ability to create folders and move streams into them would be great. That way favorites could be viewed as they are stored by way of default as it is now or can access custom named folders to copy streams into and categorize on individual basis as well. 

Maybe have option to show custom named folders list or the default usual as it is now favorite list. 
That way could only click on folder name and would contain all the streams under the given name of the folder. 

Thanks! And, I hope to see this feature soon.