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By lack of forethought, I means a xiia user doesn't want to manually plan their recordings. Nor switch to them when the Internet drops. They shouldn't need to switch stations manually if only one station drops.

Naturally, music v voice discrimination detection is important for auto switching, but less essential than the function.
Be creative with recorder, like record while listening to other stations, and, multiple recorders going at once. Naturally, jump to recording automatically if Internet is disconnect, then start recording or buffering stream in back ground, only auto switch back when song is over. A driver is powerless to control anything but steeringwheele, so the player needs to be automatic. .. However, the advantage of xiia over podcast is the feeling of being connected with a living outside community, and lack of forethought. So recording needs to be as automatic as possible, as should the play when streams broke. Aka, offline transitioning.
Sweet.  I just got into the adb shell.  I am looking at the linux fs of the Trio tablet.   I typed uninstall package name.  However, would you or anyone know where the file would be (to manually delete the files).  Remember I foolishly converted it to a system file (link2 sd), because something kept moving it to user space, and I wanted to be assured of xiia alarm in morning.  I will keep looking...  (got adb to work, only via the chinese recovery.)