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 Excllent. 😊 I have a new car and have found that VRadio even works with Android Auto. They also have a version for Chromecast with Google TV and I was able to import my custom stations using Google Drive. All my custom stations have the correct station logos and website addresses. There's also an iOS version of VRadio but with fewer options in Settings. 

Its been some time since my last comment to this thread but Ive5now found a perfect solution to sending radio stations to Chromecast. I discovered the VRadio app that even allows for recording of radio stations plus sending to Chromecast. I've added user stations with image logos and it can backuo everything to a .json file. VRadio is still being updated so isn't a Zombie app. 😏

Hello there Frank, I agree with you. It's not a good solution. I cannot get Bubble UPnP to stream high quality HLS radio station streams - only the lower quality .mp3 streams. It's a messy solution and I hope the people behind Xiia Live sort out an update. It's almost as if this app has been abandoned......

Hello there everyone, I think I've found a solution to this problem. Xiia Live is supported by Bubble UPnP media player In the settings for Bubble UPnP there is a section for Shoutcast Radio. Bubble UPnP can handle the audio stream from XiiaLive so that when you choose a station it will be handed to Bubble UPnP to play.

Bubble UPnP can send audio to any renderer on your wifi network and that includes Chromecast devices. So, all you have to do is select the Chromecast device you want to output to in Bubble UPnP and tell Bubble UPnP to handle streams from XiiaLive. Then when you start up XiiaLive and choose a station, the stream is sent to the Cromecast device via Bubble UPnP.

This is a bit messy but it should give XiiaLive Chromecast support by using Bubble UPnP as the handover.

Now that Chromecast Audio has been announced, this is just the right to time to make XiiaLive compatible. This app is my favourite radio app. Surely Chromecast audio can handle any audio format that XiiaLive can also handle....