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How about trying the free version? It gives you 30 minutes of casting to CC per app session.

You don't really need to cast the whole screen. But you do need to install another app called bubbleupnp and tick "enable xiialive control". Not only this allows to cast to chromecast but to any dlna device. I hope the xiialive devs implement it this way...because I dont really cast music to my chromecast.

I would just use fastforward or rewind funciona with the screen turned off thanks to pbmc module. Unluckily not many audio players allow it, most newest podcasts players do, tunein too.

More than a 10 second rewind button, I'd rather have rewinding/fastforwarding on long pressing the skip buttons as in TuneIn and Podcast Addict.

And a notification bar as in plex where you have the + - 10 seconds.

And last but not least, the ability to skip stations that aren't your favorite ones yet (the ones that are currently showing up in the uberstations list you're currently at)

Not all stations are compatible with chromecast I think, so in those cases you would be streaming from the phone too, I think.

You could also try podcast addict

You could also try using bubbleupnp if you dislike tunein.

You can always use bubbleupnp and stream to chromecast your favourite shoutcast stations, but...that demands a lot of battery juice.


What about the people like me that use PBMC xposed module and use volume key actions (change stations, play, pause) when screen is off? One of the actions is "media rewind" and "media fast forward" but none of the latter work on any player I've tried (Spotify, YouTube)...

Is there any way to make it work or is it just impossible?

P.S also...having the option to skip stations that are not on your favorite list (stations shown at the browse tab) would be incredibly convenient for me!

Thanks in advance

Native DLNA support would be great too, like in Neatease music app.

The use of BubbleUpnP is not enough, it uses a lot of battery when casting to chromecast, unless you're casting to a DLNA device like Kodi or WMP. I second this request.