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This is a common problem when your device do not have enough RAM but the problem still happen even there is 800 MB free RAM

  1. Are you starting playback from a home screen station shortcut? I have Xiialive shortcut on my launcher and i go to Favorits and select a station
  2. When you press any button from the lock screen player playback stops? As other peoples said, it's randomly happen, but it is happen when you let Xiialive stream for too long time like 24 hours
  3. Opening XiiaLive, going into favorites, and playing a station. After that turning OFF the screen playback stops? As other peoples said, it's randomly happen
  4. Turning the screen OFF always causes playback to stop? After how long? Instantly
  5. What device do you have? What Android version does it have? I have Samsung Galaxy s6 running latest Lollipop 5.1.1, non-rooted, KNOX security
  6. Are you connected to WiFi when this issue happens? 3G, H+, 4G and Wi-Fi
  7. Do you have any Bluetooth devices paired with your device when the issue happens? No, not at all. Bluetooth can disturb Wi-Fi transmitter on some devices, of course
  8. Do you have headphones plugged when this issue happens? Yes and no
  9. Do you have any phone optimizer app running? Virus protection app or other? No, since my phone has KNOX security

I hope this problem will get fixed asap so i don't need the Screen Backlight OFF anymore

everything are default and FFMPEG is always enabled by default.... this problem still happen on both FREE and PRO.

ok, lol. I used Screen Backlight OFF app to prevent this bug and i haven't got any problems so far. i will try ask developer to fix the problem again

yes, Xiialive stops when you lock the screen so we can confirm that it is lock screen issue. I contacted the developer about that but they can't help so i uninstalled Xiialive for good. i will never go back to it anymore!