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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - Android 5.1

Sony Xperia M (C1905 and C2005) - Android 4.3

Sony Xperia S - Android AOSP 6.0

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Android AOSP 7.0

Minix X8H-Plus - Android 4.4.2

Minix X7 — Android 4.4.2

This problem was only introduced in latest versions/updates. If I go back a few versions, none of these devices have a problem.

Check your change log and you can then reverse engineer the solution.

My thoughts have been confirmed.

The developer has knowingly/unknowingly 'engineered' this.

XiiaLive Pro Version works fine and both stations listed in the first OP can be played from a home screen widget.

XiiaLive Pro Version Works too.

XiiaLive Pro Version FAILS

I have done a complete uninstall of XiiaLive with cache and data deleted in my testing.

Could you be more specific. What is the nature of your question. (see original OP)

Re: Where is this happening on

Create an Android widget and select a favourite station from the list of already pre-selected and saved stations in your favourite list from Xiialive

This creates an Xiialive icon/widget on your home screen for the selected station.

Click on the icon and Xiialive starts to play with an icon in the status bar (If you have selected play in background) OR starts up Xiialive and displays the song playing if NOT playing in the background.

This happens in Android 5.1, Android 4.4.2 and Android 4.3 on all my Android devices when selecting the stations noted in the first post.

I could probably re-install an older version of Xiialive as this problem on started in the last month.

Sent a bug report under the email ID Zeke.

This happens with the above stations on all of my Android phones and 'TV Boxes'

So at least it's consistent across all my Android devices even if this is limited to a few station showing a problem.

This was not a problem in previous versions of Xiialive and it only started happening in the last month or so.

Previously when I created these favourite shortcuts they worked fine.