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Hmmm good question. I really dont know.

Could toss out some guesses, but thats all they would be is guesses.

First thought is maybe there is a difference between stream ripping and recording as for what is acceptable?

The other thought I had is based on the fact that its been several years since I was in the internet radio segment. Maybe things have laxed a bit on it all?

I do know wiiradio previous to the last release didnt have stream ripping and I didnt have problems connecting to any shoutcast streams. Then after the last release where the developer added stream ripping, certain stations reject connections with that client but not say winamp android.

Really though, I dont know why tune-in is allowed recording.

I just paid for the Pro option and I can tell you, the last thing I want is a record feature.

As an old internet radio broadcaster I know that the streaming radio stations are obligated to diligently block stream rippers.

Once an app is known to be able to be used as a stream ripper (record), then the app will become blacklisted and MANY internet radio stations will prevent you from connecting to them.

I personally like the wide variety of streams available to this app currently. I would hate to see that change.

If you need music for the road, buy a 32gig or 64gig microsd card and buy mp3 music and use something like PowerAmp to play them when you don't have wifi available.

Please don't kill the best streaming app by getting it black listed by the RIAA.

If you must add recording, please make it a separate different named and tagged app.