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On my Samsung it has worked perfectly fine running Kitkat and Lollopop. Only Marshmallow that has caused problems. Cannot be easy for developers making apps for Android!

Hi there!

Yes. Got no Facebookstuff on my phone. Tried VLC for streaming, but excuse my language, it sucks! Xiialive is superiour. :) No metadata in VLC.

It connects to and

Z3 is a nice powerful phone yes. Marshmallow too? Turning off battery optimization should make doze turn off when running that app, so it must be the app or Marshmallow then.

Anyway, I'm using VLC until the question is answered about the app being connected to a Facebook ip all the time.

Samsung S5 G900F. Ran a custom rom based of an early stock which wasn't made for my region, so...

Didn't like Marshmallow, so sadly I cannot send any log.

Happened for me in Marshmallow too.Turning off battery optimization didn't help.

Downgraded to KitKat, and Link2SD is working great. :-)