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Good news. I prefer Xiia to Tunein, but lack of Chromecast support has meant I've pretty much stopped using it.

Thanks for the update. Would be great if you could get it working with Chromecast, given how popular it is.

Thanks, but the best thing about Chromecast is that it takes over the streaming. Streaming to my phone and then sending it across to my chromecast is rather a clunky way of doing it and as you pointed out eats battery.

I thought adding Chromecast support to an app was basically a couple of lines of code provided by Google? I guess it can't be otherwise XiiaLive would have added it.

Yes, XiiaLive is really getting left behind without chromecast support. I've got 4 chromecasts (2 TV/2 auduo) and would love to be able to use XiiaLive. I'm stuck using Tunein for radio at the moment.