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I didn't mean 12 hours of streaming, i just meant it usually takes 12 hours in general for my phone to get down to 20%. Today it was down to 20% after only 5 hours. If i'm reading the screenshot above correctly, only 15 minutes of that was streaming, but xiialive kept my phone from sleeping for 2.5 hours. Maybe that's why?
actually i think it's removing it from the dock that triggers it, not the headphones or sleeptimer. yesterday i had xiialive playing in my car when i got home from work, i unplugged the headphone jack (which stops the playback) came inside, and put my phone on the dock since the battery was low. I never unlocked it, so xiialive was the current active app all night. i didn't listen to any music or use the sleeptimer last night, and when i pulled the phone off the dock this morning, it started blaring the station i had playing last in the car from yesterday.

i'm currently running CM7 nightly #70 (2.3.4) and xiialive 2.1.7 on my Moto Droid 1, but I've been having this problem ever since i started using the app (many roms ago ;). 

Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks for your efforts.