Your comments

Just wanted to confirm that the internal stream engine works fine.  Which is great that it solves the issue for your application, now to figure out how to get my other streaming apps to work with it.  I am also contacting the station to see if they have any input.
The station has always had an intro cut and before it played fine - I am leaning towards Gingerbread since after that update is when I noticed it starting to have problems.
Also, I've discovered that this isn't only in your application, but seems to be any application that streams media has the same problem.
Thank you - I didn't used to have a problem with this station.  Do you know if this could have been caused by Gingerbread or do you think the station recently changed something?  If you think the station changed, could you provide me more technical details about what is causing the problem?  I can forward it to the station to see if they can correct it.