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Wow, that's a lot of options. Honestly the only one I need is alphabetical, but the more the better. Looking forward to the release!
I know app behavior varies widely phone to phone on android so it's probably just specific to the phone. It's nothing major by any means, just an observation. Just keep up the development on version 3.0!
I'm actually just using the "Running Services" tab in Android 2.3 on my HTC Incredible.  Currently I have the app set to run the android streaming engine and have no running Xiia Live services on this tab after streams are stopped; the app is simply listed as a "cached process".  However as mentioned, when I switch to internal engine, Xiia Live displays under the "Running Services" tab even after the stream is stopped.  My assumption is that Xiia Live normally acts as a cached process unless it's actively streaming.  I've just noticed this so I haven't gotten to monitor it a lot.  Perhaps the service stops after a certain amount of time?I'm not sure. I'll update this thread if I find out anything else.  Thanks
Is there any update to when the new favorites filtering options will be added?  I believe this will greatly improve the usability of favorites in the app.

I experienced the same issues and they now seem to be resolved.  That being said, it does appear that only a limited number of the Shoutcast stations are in the Shoutcast directory.  To add any station in their library, just to do and click the 96k icon next to station to download the playlist.  Open the playlist in wordpad to see the url for the station.  Then, just add the url to Xiia Live and the station will be added to favorites for playing.

Great, looking forward to what lies ahead!  Thanks!

I would suggest using smartphone settings to disable the 3G network connection while listening to Xiia.  This would eliminate the possibility of any issues regarding data usage while streaming from the app.

I would add that although other apps may have an exit button, many of them such as Slacker Radio or TuneIn Radio continue to run in the background even after the exit option is selected.  Some of these apps even lock themselves into memory thereby preventing android from killing them or by auto relaunching after being killed.  In my experience Xiia Live interacts the best with android as it readily allows the system to kill it's process if memory is needed and doesn't start at boot.  Thanks developers!