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Sorry but you've lost me. Maybe it doesn't matter to you, and I can understand but I'll tell you what I've been waiting for.  

UI wise, this is unfortunately not as good as TuneIn, and parts of the app contradict Android Design Guidelines. Large tabs at the top should be clicked, thin tabs should be swiped. there should be no Settings button but only three squares in a corner. TuneIn isn't great either though, it's my opinion that this large scrolling bar you have could be transformed in a much easier to use edge swipe menu (there is a free library to make one just like ActionBar Sherlock exists for making action bars) such as found in Reddit News, Google Plus, Youtube, etc. Thus, it would make accessing the different sections of the app easier than TuneIn while not taking up screen real estate otherwise. Do you see why I asked for Android Design Guidelines long ago? You don't have to use Holo Dark or Holo Light colors, but some of their suggestions for UI interactions and features just make sense. 

Now you've put in PocketCash, which just annoys me. I uninstalled because of this. It makes it look like I've got adware installed with this. Sorry man.  

It's a real shame because the streaming part is much better than TuneIn. Recovery and buffer is faster and more efficient, plus you can rewind and all of that. The only thing I think TuneIn does better here is group all streams of varying quality under one umbrella. The app itself is also less heavy on the CPU than TuneIn. The fading sleep timer is also so much better and probably the biggest thing I'll miss.

Hi there.

I just wanted to report that I experience this issue as well on an HTC Wildfire S running Android 2.3.3 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M running Android 2.2.
It seems that rotating the display solves the issue temporarily, but it can come back anytime when returning to one of these menus.

Additionally, I'd like to report that on the GT-P1000M, the "Favorites" button text is wrapped on two lines. It looks like this:
Also the UI scaling on the tablet is a bit weird with lots of empty spaces especially in portrait mode.

xiialive lite on both devices.