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Great!! It works perfectly on my Nexus S! I've only had some trouble to figure out on how to add my custom url to the favorites database... :) Later I've noticed the how-to video on your site, but I still think that a dedicated prompt window would have been better (and faster)... Don't you think? :) Apart from that I'm waiting for the release version, I'll buy it for sure. Thank you!
Thank you Jona! I hope you'll release soon that beta so we can try it :)
Really, this is the only feature that I miss in your player, I appreciate your work very much. Thank you!
P.S.: of course it would be nice to store user & pass and save them on the favorites. Maybe you could make it as an option, so if someone is not interested he could avoid to save them -- Just a suggestion hehe :)
Hi, no more news on this since 7 months ago? I've tried today with updated version of XiiaLive but no luck... It would be VERY useful! Thanks