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I can confirm that the bug is fixed in the latest version. Thanks!
I have some problems as well:
On my radiosite m.sergioschaart/radio.php some links stopped working. All streams from NPO and BBC 
(except world) as well as Pinguin Radio, Radio 10, Veronica/SkyRadio/ClasscFM, Hardcore Radio, Sublime FM, qmusic, NME, 192 and some others. The error given is: Media service disconnected

working: WDR , Radio Skipper, BNR, Hardcore Power Radio,Studio Brussel, Jamm FM, Decibel, Zeilsteen, extragold, Fresh FM and maybe others.

Hope this will help you to solve the problem.

Tested on desire-z with android 4.4.2.
In version 3.1.x all streams worked normally

FYI: The latest JellyBean build for the HTC Vision solved this issue. Both the beta and stable versions work nice with AAC+ streams :)

I posted te bug this morning (CET) so I have no answer now. I'll keep you informed when I hear something.

Hi Jona. I am very excited to hear that my issue possibly has been fixed. Is there a way to get that apk? Thanks again for the nice post!


I'm using the HTC Vision (Desire Z/T-mobile G2) with andromadus CM10 test rom for jellybean. I will soon enter a bugreport at their bugtracking page.


Thanks for your information. I ask the devoloper of the rom to look into this. This issue also occurs with the official latest stable release.
Thanks for the update. Unfortunately AAC+ still doesn't play on Jellybean, when the display shows "AAC+" in instead of "PLS". Shall I send a logcat file again with this beta?

AAC+ seems to be broken on jellybean when "AAC+" is displayed. When the stands "PLS" it works although it's a AAC+ stream.

What happens when it fails is that prebuffering-percentage is sticking at a number. (With old stable it says buffering 90%)

I e-mailed the details to your support address.

AAC+ seems to be broken on jellybean... buffering but doesn't load. MP3 works just fine. (also with old stable version)