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 I will give that a shot.  I dont have the firewall switched on but never know with anti virus software! I have had to uninstall it on many computers because of firewall issues even when the firewall is off.  Avast is usually pretty good though.

 I have avast on there.

Your the man :)

That fixed it. 

I had no trouble getting web pages or anything else but making that change in the stream fixed the issue.

Is the full version of the Xiialive Beta out now?  I saw the old version of Xiialive is there but has the re-skinned version been released yet?

Ok done.  I was listening to vocal trance on wifi which was working great.  I turned wifi off. Waiting till it had switched off then selected the same station.  It just did its looping of trying to play so i generated the logs and have emailed them to you.

Thank you for your help! Once its working im definitely getting the full version.  I love the new design layout as well.  Its awesome.

 No scrub that i mustn't have been completely off wifi as even from the website it still wont play. When i was connected to wifi it would though.

It says invalid parameter or request timed out. Works great on wifi though.

 I updated to the latest version on the play store and still the same.

I am with Bell.  I have tried more then once over the past few months and it doesnt make any difference about restarting.  I usually listen to Digitally imported but it does it with any station. 

If i go to the digitally imported website and click the listen now links and select xiia as the player it works just fine and plays but wont work if i search for the radio station in the player and select it.

It just says request time out.

 Sorry to jump in on this post but i have the same issue.  It has done this for awhile for since i upgraded to ICS 4.0.3 on the Samsung GS2. Just stopped loading any streams unless its on wifi.  It just retries over and over so we may have the same issue Andres.

I have the BETA version.  I want to get the full version as i love this app but its not worth me getting if it only works on wifi as i would often use it in the car.

Is this a known issue on some handsets Jona?