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Thanks for the information. Works now :)

Hm I listened about 6 hours to music via xiiaa live pro but no song was tracked by last.fm I think it´s still broken :(

The HTC statusbar shows the last.fm app with the name of the current song thats playing in xiiaa live pro, strange :/

Still the same. Last.fm shows "currently playing" for the first song when I started a stream but the listened songs doesn´t append to the recently played list.

The now playing is also gone on my last.fm profile if the second song starts.

BTW: Last.fm shows the artist and track name in reverse order in the now playing field when xiaa live is streaming. my android music player sends Artist - Trackname, xiaa live sends Trackname - Artist

Could this be the problem?

The android music player works well with the last.fm app

My last.fm profile if it helps you to solve the problem:


Hm, i tried the new version ( but it´s still broken :(

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