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 Actually I only see 2 song break bars. I They move back and forth when the problem occurs. There is no indication the the connection was lost. I streamed for a few hours a few nights ago and never used the paused function. It worked fine. I think is does have something to do with pausing. If it happens again I'll collect the logs. Also a sort of side question . If the connection is lost what's supposed to happen? My stream stops until it reconnects. Isn't the five minute buffer suppose to kick in? Just curious what the five minute buffer is used for

 I'm running on a Nexus 7 - Jelly Bean 4.1.1. I'm using what is called Android (Maybe MPEG?) streaming, the default. It happens after about 1/2 hour + of streaming. Hmmm ... I guess it could be happening after I pause for a bit of time. I do pause it a lot.

BTW: Nice app, good update .. In general the streaming seems to be a bit better when I use it in my car and the wireless has a weak signal.