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Sorry, I have been unable to create a clear widget on the newer versions due to the manner in which the widget is coded now. It used to be as simple as changing a .png image, but its now made differently.

i been on xda forums for over a year now, and have a pretty good reputation there and on the cyanogenmod forum...i would love to become involved if they let me... seemingly they dont have enough time..the reason i like xiia live over the other apps out there is because it seems to hold the stream better than the others and it has the audio indicators of when the stream is connected, dropped and streaming...i cant tell you how comforting that is when youre driving and a signal is dropped, and it starts up again, at least i know its working instead of just holding my breath and wondering, like i have to do with the other apps...a very nice feature you guys thought of there

download my modded version from there, and youll see what i mean if you install it on an mdpi phone
i would love to help out, let me know...i posted a link to my modded version of 2.1.14 but cant repost it right now
definitely! an option i've seen on some other apps, like beautiful widgets for instance, is a transparency or opaqueness option for the widget background with a sliding adjustment
plus i want to add a vote for the 60 seconds of buffering time...would be awesome

that would be nice

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