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Thanks for the reply. 

What's confusing too is in SETTING > App control > Player next/prev: Favorites is selected and Playlist can't be selected on the free version. This option should have been in grey, right?

Anyways i'm buying your app! It isn't perfect, as at this stage there is room for improvements here and there and i would like to see some features that are missing. But your team seem active to make it better and seem open for feedback/new ideas, that's what make me decide to switch from TuneIn Radio Pro of which its dev seem frozen lately.

I have read on another post that you plan to add a Car Mode UI as TuneIn. I think you should more focus on exploiting the features that offers the Bluetooth spec. I mean, when i get in my car, i would like to leave my phone in my pocket and forget it during my ride. My car have all the controls needed with its steering buttons and its touch screen on the dash and i think this should be a extension of the user interface of the phone, and this is a trend right now with today most stock radio in cars and aftermarket radio with Bluetooth that offer the ability to do it. The possibility just need to be exploited! I think in the near futur more and more peoples will start to use their smartphone as their primary source to receive radio stations in their car because it does not consumme that much data usage as we might think and the data plan needed now cost equal or less than a subcription to XM or Sirius assuming you use data for other things. I don't really believe in infotainment system like Entune and Sync as they are right now because it's too closed and propritary. And i don't believe too in attaching a smartphone on the windshield because's urgly, 2.not user friendly and's as dangerous than texting if you ask me. Playing with a high glaze touchscreen trying to select something on a app while rolling on bumps on the highway is not evident at all!

BTW I have some great ideas for new features that i have already think that i will share here and i'm sure that you will find them interresting and surprising!