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try regularly and it still doesn't appear I'm afraid. worked fine pre sony update. I think it was android 1.6 but could be mistaken, then upgraded to 2.1 and now i just can't find it to install. If I could download to my pc I'm be happy to try a non marketplace install as a test and post the results but you'd have to give me some instx as I am relatively new to android. Should also note my phone is not rooted.
Please check this ASAP.

I can confirm that following an update of my phone about 2 months ago I have lost my original install and have been unable to find xiia on marketplace. I tried appbrain as an alternative. Appbrian has a link but when you click, it fails to locate the file.

I have a sony eric x10 mini pro. updated from ??? to firmware version 2.1 update 1

I tried a variety of other streaming radio apps. yours was the best and I really want it back.