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ok but the rest you can fix ;)

please read the text ;) , i think have you forgot.


my device:

Huawei Vodafone 858 with Android 2.2.1


the word "top Sender", Sender one is pushing down with the \n\n that goes with it?(i am translater by xiia live)

now also see the widget down(right) is not round like on the opposite side, would have to be identical.

and the format would be like on android (or tunein)

HUAWEI 858 Vodafone

sorry the Translation isnt good(Google translater). know short:

when i listen Music with xiia live and start fm Radio from android, the volume will be doubled(from xia live, the fm radi0o Play in the background. when i listen Music with xiial live und listen my Music, xiial live stop, i listen my Music, than it works.

where can i find the download option?(widget)


update 12.11: the background from the settings is dark, when i have switch the design from light-dark-light, I do not know if that was before i changed the design.