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I am still having the issue that I mentioned below. However I have isolated it to playing Premium Streams from and The premium streams get stuck on "stopping" if I switch to another station/channel even in 2.15. The free streams work just fine over 3G. Thanks for your update to the program, and the other fixes.
I've had the same or at least similar issue since I received froyo (FRF91) on my nexus one (T-mobile USA), with Xiialive.

Mainly happens when on 3G:

Start any stream (mp3 stream for example, if it starts to buffer it will get stuck, if you pick stop, it will be stuck on STOPPING infinitely... only way to get the player working again is to go into androids applications task manager force stop.

Basically I cannot use Xiialive on 3G it always stops and gets stuck on "stopping". It was also on your previous build force closing a lot but seems to no do that any more with the latest build. Using it on wifi works good, not many issues.

I really love this streaming audio player especially since has a decent UI and great set of features, just wish it was usable over 3G. With the problems I am having I am very surprised more people don't have the same issue... is it specific to my Nexus One or is maybe just Froyo?

I should also mention that Xiialive worked flawlessly prior to Froyo upgrade on my Nexus One.