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Sorry, for the previous post. The problem is with my phone. Apparently, when it streams audio via A2DP, it loses WiFi. If I connect via cellular data or do not stream BT, everything works fine.

The original problem still exists. And I don't have any ad blockers or virus protection apps. BTW, which port are you using for Android stream engine?

Please, let me know where I can download version? I just updated to and it starts dropping any station every 1 - 2 min. Also, if lock screen widget is enabled, the phone behaves weird - it freezes, the lock screen flicks, etc. Once, XiiaLive started playing station by itself, for no apparent reason! These never happened with I'm the one with the problem using Android sreaming with cellular data connection. Thus, I'm using FFmpeg streaming. And I also have a paid (Pro) version.


Hello, I need your help! Today's update totally screwed up my phone. It freezes while playing any radio station. I need to return to the previous version! Where can I download it from? Thanks 

Hello, first of all - great job! Very nice application.

As others, I have the exact same problem. FFMeg stream works fine over 3G, Android does not. I'm on Bell Canada network, Samsung Galaxy S3, Jelly Bean (4.2.2). My biggest issue is that when the stream is switched to FFMeg, I'm not able to stop/pause using bluetooth button. That's kind of an important feature for me and I'd really appreciate if you could fix it (or make Android stream work over 3G).