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Upgrade w/o Market

PETER KLANCIC vor 13 Jahren aktualisiert von Jona (Lead Developer) vor 13 Jahren 4

 I have downloaded Light from Creative, but would like to buy the full version. I think I need to increase buffering, but can't do this on light.

Thanks - but this is only available in the US. Can't use it. Just as I can't buy US ebooks. Need a UK access.

We currently don't provide other purchasing options but we are looking into it. Once we do provide this we will announce it on our Facebook and twitter account. Sorry for the inconvinience. 

Neither will do me any good I'm notino these 'Social Networking Sites'. 

I understand.  I'll leave this post as under review so that if we do find a new way to sell the app we'll let you know via this post.