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Am in need of use a proxy software over WI-FI. Please help me.

Mustafa Helvaci 11 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 11 years ago 2
Dear Developer; The program seamlessly over 3g. However, I am connection problems over wifi. Only can connect using the orbot. On the other hand, the "tuneIn radio" is working directly with the same wifi. Other radio programs, too. I do not want to use a proxy software for Xiialive like "orbot". Please take care of this problem. I can not connect over wifi in the office. but all the programs running smoothly connected to the internet with same wi-fi. Moreover, search list, hit list does not work own my wi-fi in my house. No barrier the firewall in my own house. I'm sure one hundred percent download free. I need Wi-fi to connect to a proxy software like "orbot"(in google play). sorry for my bad english. I live in Turkey, in Istanbul. Please help me. This issue is very important for me. My phone is Lg p970. Rom: 2.3.4

Thanks for the post. So you can't connect at all from XiiaLive while on this WiFi network at work? That means you can't download any of the lists such as TOP HITS or SEARCH? What error do you see on the lists when it fails to download? Please reproduce the error trying to play a station and right away go to XiiaLive settings and tap on Bug report. Thanks!

I can confirm having the same issue using Xiialive (latest Playstore download) at work on Wifi connection that requires a manual proxy to access the internet.  Other apps and browsers reach internet no problem over this wifi connection.