AAC stream (93.5 FLOW CFXJ) skips since about 2-3 weeks

Karim Qureshi 9 lat temu zaktualizowano 9 lat temu 2
In the last 2-3 weeks, I and another person who use XiiaLive have noticed terrible skipping when listening to 93.5 FLOW CFXJ - station from Toronto, Canada. This never used to happen before. Compared using the FLOW app (an app the radio station released), and in their app there is no skipping. Sound quality the same, so believe that they are also using the 48kbps AAC stream.
I am using the Pro version of the app, whereas my friend who also reported the skipping to me is using the regular ad supported version.
Both of us are running on Android lollipop. (I'm on Android 5.0.0, wheres my friend is on 5.0.2).