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Beta hangs when WiFi connection is lost

Keenan Tims 12 років тому оновлено Jona (Lead Developer) 12 років тому 3
I've been using the beta lately and it's a nice improvement. Fixes my biggest issue which was the common choppy in sleep issue since 4.0, solved with the proper power management flag.

Anyway, I've noticed that if I walk out of the office and lose WiFi for a minute or two and then return, XiiaLive will be hung at 'buffering' with no response to the controls. Even killing the XiiaLive processes doesn't solve it and so far all I've been able to do is reboot.

Doesn't seem to be a problem if the connection is restored quickly. I have Data Protection activated, running Jellybean 4.1.1.
What particular audio format is the station? Also, what stream engine do you have set? Android or FFMpeg? By the way in order to kill the streaming process just long press the stop button.
I believe it occurs with both MP3 and AAC+, the two stations I normally listen to, but I'd have to test and confirm. I'm using the Android engine. Thx for the long press tip, I will try that next time.
I'll try to replicate this. I think the key of this issue could be related to the Data protection feature.