Streaming stops and never recovers

jj jjstrom 10 years ago 0

Sometimes when streaming on mobile data streaming stops (no disconnect "knocking" sound) and never recovers without manually starting playback again in XiiaLive. Some notes on problem:

-bugreport.txt is here: http://pastebin.com/u0YYKaZM
-On bug report problem occurs at time somewhere between 16:40-16:50.
-Happens to me only on mobile data (no wifi) both wcdma and lte networks.
-Happens on areas that most of the time streaming works fine.
-Happens on cyanogenmod 11 (4.4.2) and Samsung stock android (4.3).
-Stream is http://www.yle.fi/livestream/puhe.asx which is very stable (no problems on wifi).
-Problem might be asx only.
-Streaming sometimes also recovers, usually this happens with "knocking" start/stop playback sounds.