XiiaLive Beta

Jona (Lead Developer) 13 ár síðan Uppfært 13 ár síðan 0

We have provided access via the Android Market to our beta version of XiiaLive.  This will allow us, with your help, to improve the stable updates going into XiiaLive and XiiaLive Lite. 

The following are the latest changes:


Version: v2.2.3 beta v1

Date: 08/09/11

New features:

-          Editfavorite new option to allow selecting the character encoding.

-          New searchhistory saved and shown as auto complete.


Changes and improvements:

-          Internalstream engine now supports icy metadata.

-          Internalstream engine now starts up AAC/AAC+ and MPEG streams incredibly faster!

-          Improvedsupport for different screen sizes. Still work on progress.

-          Improvedstations download and loading. This resolved hang-ups on Android 3.0 andgreater devices.

-          Activesearch now locked until finished to avoid overloading phone.

-          Back keypress now supported while inside a genre list result or inside favoritecategory.

-          Mediacontrol now set to OFF as default. This is only effective for new installersand can be easily enabled by going to Settings->User experience.

-          Improvedpurchase verifier. Should help stop showing “Oops unable to verify purchase”bug.

-          ChangedTagged text to Tags



-          Oggstreaming next metadata caused stream to go into buffering and then stop.

-          Internalstream engine buffering percent not shown.

-          After doinga search virtual keyboard was impossible to get it to popup to type again.

-          Manyrandom crashes caused by the internal stream engine.