gangland 13 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 11 years ago 2

Hi, love this app. One small problem, the favorites, genre and search screens sometimes gets messed up.

They can very well be read but in between every line is a very big + character, pobably the add to favorites sign.

If I restart the phone it looks normal again for a while.

Stopping and restarting XIIA again and it is messed up again.

Using Samsung galaxy 3, android 2.2.

Is there any way to exit programme but the back button.


This issue should be resolved on current release of XiiaLive.
This is a bug on the app see rarely by some phones.  We are already fixing it and hopefully next version this is resolved! :)
Hi there.

I just wanted to report that I experience this issue as well on an HTC Wildfire S running Android 2.3.3 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M running Android 2.2.
It seems that rotating the display solves the issue temporarily, but it can come back anytime when returning to one of these menus.

Additionally, I'd like to report that on the GT-P1000M, the "Favorites" button text is wrapped on two lines. It looks like this:
Also the UI scaling on the tablet is a bit weird with lots of empty spaces especially in portrait mode.

xiialive lite on both devices.
Thanks for the info.  We are working on a new update that we are targeting to look a lot nicer on tablets and small phones. There is no specific release date yet but we are working hard to get it out ASAP.
This issue should be resolved on current release of XiiaLive.