XiiaLive v2.1.9 - release notes

Jona (Lead Developer) hace 13 años actualizado hace 13 años 0
Bugs resolved:
-Media controls took over aggressively by application.
-Some URL mime not resolved correctly.
-Stations page crashing due to null pointers.
-Widget kept a service running.
-Closing streams rarely made app crash.
-Memory leak when rotating player screen.
-Share all option non-functional.

-Broadcasts are no longer received when widget are not installed.
-Improved buffering logic.  
 + Removed use of a very expensive class with unneeded data processing.
 + Removed exceptions being thrown extensively during connect for MPEG stream.
 + Smart data feeding logic to use less CPU when data connection is slow. 

New feature:
-Advance setting option to enable streaming with internal stream engine. Note this is only beta state and there is no metadata being sent yet.
-Double tap Now playing or Station title to stop scrolling animation.
-New option under adv settings to allow unlimited retry connection.
-New notification fx themes to choose from! [paid only]