Windows Media Streams broken in last update.

Rick Keniuk 11 year бұрын updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 10 year бұрын 5
The last update I received on July 30 2013 has broken Windows Media Streams.  They will no longer work when using "Android Stream Engine."  The "FFMpeg Stream Engine" works but has other issues on several AAC+ steaming stations (stations with scripts that play initial announcements).


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Could you provide the URLs to the stations you are noticing issues with? The Windows Media ones and the AAC links would be great if possible.

I use "tuned.mobi" on the web to select stations (specifically their AAC+ streams).  Go to http://www.thestreamcenter.com/pda/callsign.asp?state=IL&client= and browse to WFMT, aacPlus: 128k Stereo.  They have an advertising stream that is a fixed file that plays then the stream switches to the station.  Currently on XiiaLive Pro v3.0.3.1, it does appear that it is working in both "Android" and "FFMPEG" stream settings but each has varying degrees of delay (the advertisement does not play, check WinAmp on Win7 or their website directly).  I also have a private Microsoft Expression Encoder stream at 96kb Windows Media Audio 10 Professional
96 kbps, 44 kHz, 2 channel 16 bit 1-pass CBR that only will stream with the "FFMPEG" stream decoder.  I can send details on how to configure if you would like to try it locally.

Thanks for the links. So at the moment MPEG and AAC streams are supported by the Android stream engine. All other formats are sent directly to FFmpeg stream engine. If FFmpeg is the default stream engine then MPEG and AAC will also be played by FFmpeg.

I did notice the ad plays maybe a second or not at all. We are working on a new stream engine that does play the ad properly and then goes to the next playlist item.

About the custom broadcast server you are talking about. If you want to provide the URL via a private message that is fine. Otherwise you can provide details about the setup and I can see if I can maybe set one up if possible.

Jona, go ahead Email me directly and I return the info.  I don't know how to privately message you.