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Station/Title scrolling with ICS

Gary Matsko 12 років тому оновлено Jona (Lead Developer) 12 років тому 3
Using a Cyanogenmod9 ICS ROM on an HTC Incredible2.  Station/Title scrolling is not working in the app or on the notification menu.  I've tried double tapping on the station name and title, going out and back in to the app, but I can't get it to scroll.  Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this a known issue?  Running version 2.2.4.
Please try XiiaLive Beta from the Market to see if the issue still occurs on that version.
Ok, tried the XiiaLive Beta from the market.  Whenever I open any stream I get a message saying "Unforutunately, XiiaLive Beta has stopped."  It doesn't crash the app however.  After I click "ok" i can search for streams again, but always get the same error.  
If it helps you guys at all my Android version shows as 4.0.4.  If you need any other info from my "about phone" section, let me know.  

Please try the latest beta version on the Market. Should be working now...