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Player won't play unless stays on screenscreen with Nexus 6

Amanda Carusone 9 years ago updated by Ralph 8 years ago 1
Hi- I have a Nexus 6, Lollipop 5.1 OS. Using the Xiia Android app all works fine as long as the player stays on screen. When the screen goes off or if I am doing other things on the phone the stream plays a few seconds, then goes off and then tries to reconnect, max tries reached, etc. All I have to do is bring it down from status bar to open on screen, click play and it immediately works fine. Suggestions? I LOVE Xiia, so I am going nowhere... Just wondered if this can be fixed soon. Thanks- Amanda
Under review

Hi! Sorry for our late response. We recently released a new version This release improved various things and included a change that might actually resolve this issue. Any issues, please let me know. Thanks!